Vintage and Old School Skateboard Magazines

Most of the images on this site come from my personal collection. The site is rather basic but I wanted to share this with other collectors and enthusiasts. If, like me, you were a skater back in the day, then these magazines will have been your primary source for all things skateboarding - no DVD's back then and very few films. When not actually skating I spent numerous happy hours pawing over the pages of these magazines. Looking back on them now immediately takes me back to those halcyon days.

I also wanted to collate the many magazines, books and posters that documented the early days of Skateboarding. These magazines really are the history of skateboarding, covering the skaters, equipment and scene as it was at the time. As I don't have everything, I have borrowed images from other sources, if you recognise anything that belongs to you and you want it credited or removed please contact me.

If you know of any omissions, mistakes or have anything you want to add to the site, again please contact me.

To navigate the site please click on the Pages/Links to the left. Clicking on Underlined titles will lead to covers of that title. Clicking on a cover will either lead to pages from that issue - where I have it and it's scanned in - or to a larger picture of that cover. Or click below:

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A big Thank you to: Tomsk ( - no longer up), Tony Gretton, Kilwag -, Claude - endless lines and Tim Leighton-Boyce When We Was RAD for scans and support.