Books UK 1970's

There were a flurry of books published in the late seventies to capitalise on the new Skateboard boom. Most took the form of 'How to' books. Some contain interesting early photographs but many were assembled by those people working on the Skateboard magazines and thus contained a lot of photographs already published in the UK and USA magazines.

 Advanced Skateboarding by Andy Blackford 1978

Hamlym Book of Skateboarding by Peter Arnold 1977

O Mundo Fascinante do Skate
Brazilian Version

Skateboard Annual by Gregg Haythorpe 1978

 Skateboarding 79

Complete Guide To Skateboarding
by John Blake (Hardback) 1977
Complete Guide To Skateboarding
by John Blake (Softback) 1977

  Skateboarding by David Hunn 1977

Skateboarding To Win         


 The Complete Skateboard Book by Maggie Russell and Bruce Sawford

  Ace On Wheels by Godfery Goodwin 1980

Ok -  so technically published after the '70s but that's Mark Baker on the cover, in the Pool at the Barn Skatepark in Brighton, and its circa 1978.

This is novel by the way - 'Sam was just learning about Skateboarding, but his older brother David was an ace. Everybody that had ever seen him skate knew that - including Dr Colorado Bigheart, the big talking American manager in search of a new Skateboard Star'

 Mark Baker - Star Shots - Skateboard! (UK) No9 May 1978

 How to Skateboard by Adrian Ball 1977

Safe Sakateboarding by Christopher Pick 1978