Books USA 1970's

There were a flurry of books published in the late seventies to capitalise on the new Skateboard boom. Most took the form of 'How to' books. Some contain interesting early photographs but many were assembled by those people working on the Skateboard magazines and thus contained a lot of photographs already published in the UK and USA magazines.

Anybody's Skateboard Book
by Tom Cuthbertson 1976

The Complete Book Of Skateboarding
by Laura Torbet 1976

German version 1977

Better Skateboarding for Boys and Girls
by Ross R Olney and Chan Bush

Hot Skateboarding
by Pahl Dixon and Peter Dixon 1977

Easy-to-Make Skateboards, Scooters and Racers
by William Jaber

The Complete Beginner's Guide Skateboards and Skateboarding
by LaVada Weir 1977

by Howard Reiser 1978

The Skateboard Book
by Ben Davidson 1976

Hardback Version

Skateboarding by Jack Grant 1976

Skateboard Mania

Skateboards: How to make them - How to ride them
by Glenn and Eve Bunting 1977

The Skateboarder's Bible
by Albert Cassorla 1976

Western Skateboard Parks
Third Eye Press 1978 (Wil Rutland publisher)

Skateboard Safety
by Nathan 'Chip' Wolfstein IV 1977

by Dorothy Childers Schmitz 1978
(Fun Seekers Series)