Nationwide was a BBC television series broadcast on BBC 1 each weekday following the early evening news. It followed a magazine format, combining political analysis and discussion with consumer affairs, light entertainment and sports reporting and in October 1977 it launched the first televised National Skateboarding Championships. There were regular Skateboarding slots on the programme and a series of regional heats for the competition. The final was held in December at London's newly built Skate City with competitors split into three age groups and taking part in Freestyle, Slalom and Speed. The overall champion was Jock Paterson.

Skateboarding Special

In this issue - The breakthrough that is the urethane wheel. Skateboarding on the Quay at Plymouth. The who's who on the Nationwide production team. The Bristol female skateboard team. An article on the British Skateboard Association. The ubiquitous equipment article - this is a deck, a truck, a wheel. A skateboarding toddler, chimpanzee and Prime Minister - it is Nationwide after all! More skating from Plymouth. A novice fourteen year old gets lessons in skating from an expert at Skate City. Some great colour shots of the Hobie team at Skate City. Skitch Hitchcock in full flight from a launch ramp - 'Gorilla Grip' style and John Sablosky throwing some wild looking frontside handplants. An short interview with Skitch Hitchcock. Your round the country guide of where to Skateboard. An empty pool to skate in Luton but no transitions. Skate glossary and skate safety.

Skateboarding Spring Special

In this issue - Skateboard maintenance. A round up of the Nationwide Championship. Colour photos from the finals including Jeremy Henderson kickflipping off a table. Skateboard safety. An article on the South Coast Skateboard Association featuring early Pig City (Brighton) boys Mark Baker and Steven Kellner. Organise your own competition. Colour photos from America. Barry Walsh and the Skateboard Association. John Shayer goes to a trade show and picks his favorite deck, trucks and wheels. Postbag. Where to skate guide. Perelta Power - four colour pages on Stacy Peralta and his recent visit to the UK. Indoor Skate Park at Hillingdon. Nationwide Champion Jock Paterson article plus sequences of the tricks that helped him win. A page article with girl skateboarder Cleo Rocos - yes, that Cleo Rocos.