Poweredge (USA) 1988

First published in January 1988 Poweredge ran till 1991 - four years and 36 issues. Started by Larry Stevenson (Makaha Skateboards) Poweredge had a different take on skateboarding and was the only alternative to Thrasher and Transworld. It was distributed world-wide with 700,000 copies a year in circulation.

"Why another skateboard magazine? This is the first question we were faced with when presenting the Poweredge concept to the people around us. Skating has evolved. And with that evoloution has come a large range of both possibility and responsibility. We came together as agroup of skaters whop felt the opportunities for exploration could be broadened. For us skating has become more that a way of relieving aggression and extending our personal boundries. It has developed into an attitude, a lifestyle. We need room to grow. Poweredge is our anwser to this need." (Editorial January 1988).

Poweredge came back with a mini-zine and archive on the web. "After 18 years Larry Stevenson's Poweredge Magazine makes a comeback with a brand new 120 page color magazine. The mag will be distributed five times a year, starting in early August '09." However, it seems to have gone down again around 2012.

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