Skateboard King (UK) 1977

Britain's first skateboard publication - 1977. Announced that it would be monthly but I don't know of any further issues. Most notable for the information about the forthcoming Evening News Championships at Crystal palace (July 24th 1977). The full size action poster turns out to be a random skater at Carlsbad caught stepping onto his board - how radical is that!

Hardly any editorial and rather random photos - it does however advertise; 'How to be a Skateboard King' - a complete guide to Skateboarding - which I have yet to trace, if indeed it did get published.

Win a Fiberflex, Skateboard Parks, Skateboard safety, Evening News Skateboard championships, How to be a Skateboard King - send £1.95 for the book.


Win a Fiberflex
Skateboard Parks
Skateboard safety
Evening News Skateboard championships
How to be a Skateboard King - send £1.95 for the book