Skateboard Scene UK 1977

The second major British Skateboard magazine, edited by Benget Maelstrom (or at least Andy Blackford), and published around the winter of 1977. The magazine pledged to 'stay 100% tuned into the needs and achievements of British riders - to the rules, the contests, the teams, the stars and parks'. Although it went a long way to achieving this it never really had the 'grown up' feel of Skateboard! but it did at least avoid the worst of the youth club/Local Association feel of Skateboard Special.

Regular features included: Stoked (interviews with British riders), The Ben Liddell Column (pro skater for Logos) and Kate The Skate - features and interviews with girl Skateboarders.

Issue No8 featured the first issue of Atlantic Surfer Magazine and for Issue No9 Gregg Haythorpe took over as Editor. I am not aware of any Issues past No9.