Skateboard Special (UK)

Skateboarding how your Mum wanted it to be - all the news from the Clubs and Associations. Skateboard Special was a  Bi-Weekly Newspaper that saw skateboarding as a 'youth' activity, indeed it had its very own club that you could join complete with badge and membership card. Looking back it seems rather quaint, however in many ways it was probably a very true reflection of both the UK scene and the average Skateboarder of that time - Green Flash Tennis shoes, Flares, homemade pads, no Skateparks and always bloody raining!

  No1 September 1977
  No2 October 1977
  No3 November 1977
  No4 November 1977
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 No9 January 1978   No10 February 1978   No11 February 1978   No12 March 1978
  No13 March 1978
  No14 April 1978   No15 April 1978
  No16 May 1978
  No17 May 1978
  No18 June 1978
  No19 June 1978
  No20 June 1978

 No21 1978  No22 1978  No23?