The Quarterly Skateboarder (USA)

The original and very first Skateboard magazine started by Surfer publications in 1964 - Editor John Severson. It started life as The Quarterly Skateboarder but abbreviated to just Skateboarder Magazine from Issue 3. The magazine only ran for four issues but was later resurrected in the 1970's as Skateboarder, again by Surfer Magazine.

In his first editorial John Severson wrote: Today's skateboarders are founders in this sport - they're pioneers - they are the first. There is no history in Skateboarding - its being made now - by you. The sport is being molded and we believe that doing the right thing now will lead to a bright future for the sport. Already there are storm clouds on the horizon with opponents of the sport talking about ban and restriction.

Unfortunately those storm clouds gathered and due to poor quality equipment (Steel and Clay wheels) which lead to numerous accidents, many American cities banned skateboarding and by Christmas 1965 Skateboarding had died and along with it The Quarterly Skateboarder.

  • Vol1 No1:

    Dave Hilton of the Hobie Super Surfer Team on the cover. Rick Griffin's "The Well-Equipped Skateboarder" on pages 24-25 and "People You Meet on the Slopes" on pages 34-35. Other content includes "Night Rallies," "Performance Plus," and "Wheelies."

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  • Vol1 No2:

    Content includes "Skateboard Paradise," "The Kick Turn," "Getting Around," "Test Pilot," and more. Classic period ads and artwork by the late Rick Griffin.

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  • Vol1 No3:

    Includes coverage of the first annual International Skateboard Championships held in Anaheim, California. John Freis took home top honors, along with a $500 scholarship. Also features Rick Griffin's vision of "Skateboardland," a two-page cult classic.

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  • Vol1 No4:

    Pat McGee, who also made the cover of Life Magazine, gracefully maneuvers her skateboard in what is certainly the first female cover for Skateboarder Magazine.

    Pat was skateboarding's ambassador-at-large, flying around the country giving skateboard exhibitions and tips on skateboard safety. "She's one of the busiest -- as well as perhaps the prettiest -- in the sport." Includes her profile, along with Woody Woodward's. Also includes "Skateboarding France", Rick Griffin's Murphy and the Big Skateboard Scoop, and "Rodney Dangerfield Skateboard Agent" by John Severson (with more classic Rick Griffin artwork!)

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