Skateboardin' (UK) 1977

A monthly magazine that unfolds into a poster format. Teach Yourself Championship Skateboardin' - to give its full title lay claims to be the first UK skateboard magazine. Published in 1977 - no exact date but an article does talk about how good the summer of '77 is going to be, so it may well have beat Skateboard! to the shops.

Each issue contained a practical guide to tricks as well as an owners manual, news and 'hot pix'. I know of three issues but there may be more.

No 1


The Story of Skateboarding
Skateboard Oppression: the closing of The Broad Walk in Kensington Gardens, which was a popular early spot.
Boardtalk - News
That Magic Feeling - skateboards at the movies and Farah Fawcett on a board in Charlie's Angels.
Owners Manual No 1
Slalom and Downhill
Starting from scratch - how to guide
Skateboarder's Code

No 2


Win a trip to Paris
Tricks with the board
Kick Turns
Controlling Hills
Pro Technique and beyond
Owners Manuel No2

No 3


Two Posters
Tricks with Feet and jumps
Owners Manual 3
Hot skateboard Pix