Skates East (USA) 1979

February 1979 - Premier Issue, Limited Collectors Edition.

"Well here we are. A little late and a little thin but we are here, and we are you.

Skateboarding has come a long way in the last few years, but eastern and Mid-American coverage has not. We're here to change all that, but we need your help. Unlike any other skateboarding magazine, we are tailored for you, not for the industry. We recognise the key role that product manufactures play in the progress of our sport, but none of it is possible without your energy and participation.

The East is a huge area, and it's filled with radical skaters just waited to be recognised. The East has the energy, and is finally getting the terrain and the coverage it so badly needs. with all this it shouldn't be long before can all proudly say . . . THE EAST RULES!"