Slap (USA) 1992

1992 is the start of a revolution. Be a visionary - exert yourself. Free your mind from everything known, and enter a new era: SLAP.

SLAP is perhaps an acronym for Skateboarding, Life, Art, Progression or it could be Skaters Looking At Photographs or even Skate Loud And Proud - it is in the end whatever you want it to be, which is very much in the SLAP ethos.

December 2008 saw the last print issue of SLAP from when it went purely web based - the website has always been on form and the forum loved and loathed in equal measures.

No1 April 1992

No2 May 1992

No3 June 1992

No4 July 1992

No5 August 1992

No6 September 1992