Look In Magazine (UK) No20 30th May 1978

Look In was the Junior TV Times; the official Independent Television Network listings magazine. It ran from 9 January 1971 to 12 March 1994. It had interviews, crosswords and competitions, and it had pictures and pin-ups of TV stars and pop idols of the time. Although mainly a vehicle to allow children of the time to find out - and to promote - TV shows, it would also feature articles on points of interest to it's target audience.

This issue featured Leif Garrett on the cover and included an article on him focusing on hos role in Skateboard! the movie. Skateboard! was released in February 1978 and featured Tony Alva, Ellen O'Neal, Jay Adams, Ellen Berryman, Bob Biniak, Rene Carrasco, Steve Cathy, Paul Constantineau, David Hackett, Tom Inouye, Bob Jarvis, Shogo Kubo, Brad Logan, Bruce Logan, Robin Logan, Jim Muir, Ed Nadalin, Bob Piercy, Tom Sims, Laura Thornhill, Mike Williams, Chris Yandell and others.