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Rolling Thunder Newsletter No1 & No2

Rolling Thunder was located in Brentford, London and was one of my all time favorite Skateparks. It took awhile to 'offically' open - I must have joined before the official opening - hence the newsletter. Skateboard! No16 (December 1978) had a Skatepark Supertest on Rolling Thunder (pages below). There is a Facebook group dedicted to Rolling Thunder: rolling thunder skatepark-brentford-london late 70's

My Rolling Thunder membership card.

Skateboard! No16 (December 1978) had a Skatepark Supertest

Built inside the Old Market in Brentford, Chiswick (London, England) Rolling Thunder was one of the first wave of British Skateparks to be made in the late 1970's. Designed by Richard Wrigley (co designer of London's first skatepark - Skate City) it was built by Mayway Construction Ltd. Building started early in 1978 but the park did not open officially till September 1978 due to various set backs such as a water mains bursting. Sections of the park however had been open and skated prior to the official opening.


The park covered some 3,000 square meters and was unusual for the time in that it was a series of inter linking bowls, banks and half pipes that could be ridden individually or as part of a whole. This is much more in keeping with the modern parks of today. The park consisted of: The Channel Run, Clover Leaf Pool, Freestyle Area, Reservoir, The Ramp and Death Valley Run, The Whiplash, Kidney Bowl, Pool Bowl, Mini Bowls, Half-pipe. The Half Pipe was 55 meters long and stretched across one side of the building.