Skateboard! (UK) No1 August 1977

Premier Issue - August 1977

Skate News.
Skateboarding Around The World.
Who's Hot:
John Shayer
Minh Duc Tran
Lee Connaster
Simon Napper
The Story Of Skateboarding.
Wiring Up To Manoeuvres: Skateboard secrets unwrapped.
Skateing At The Palace: July 24th Crystal Palace Championships.
Skata Data.
Welcome To Skateboard Escape: Portland, UK's first skatepark.

Skateboarding And Safety:
'Skateboarding has had a pretty rough ride over here in the UK..... maybe not as bad as it had initially in the USA, but tough enough. Believe it or not the Kensington Gardens Broadwalk incident made world news'. (Editorial)

Kensington Gardens Broadwalk was an early popular spot - being a smooth downhill run. The local Council re-surfaced it with gravel to stop the skaters. So what's new! Most skaters moved on to the newly discovered South Bank.