Walls Trade Cards Skateboard Surfer 1978

Trade cards have been around for a long time - they first became popular at the end of the 17th century in Paris, Lyon and London. These cards were issue by Walls, a British ice cream and frozen dessert brand now owned by the Anglo-Dutch food and personal care conglomerate Unilever.

This series pictures skateboarders demonstrating different techniques and came out at the hieght of the second craze - 1978.

These were promoted as "the skills and thrills of skateboard surfing without the spills" and the text is very comprehensive to the complete novice. The first card covers the equipment needed and general maintenance of skateboarding, then the set takes us through the different styles of decks, trucks and wheels before moving on to techniques - kick-turns, power slides, spins and jumps etc. The cards also offer practical advice on falling and general safety tips. Card size 68 x 36mm. Number in set: 20.