Pro Motion (USA) 1986

From Santa Cruz or moreover from NHS - a free magazine that featured all the Santa Cruz skaters and product alongside readers photos etc. I guess this was the precursor of Strange Notes.

"NHS, Inc. has been in the skateboarding business over a decade now. Never went out of business during the slumps, never stopped production! They've been dedicated to the sport of skateboarding, and always will be. Countless boards, wheels and accessories have been produced, so during these times of high sales, why not a magazine? A zine with nothing but Santa Cruz riders and a few colour pages. And for free! If you are against our format, throw this mag away. But ask yourself, 'how much did I pay for this?' " Gavin O'Brien (Editor Vol 1 No2)

Three issues as far as I know - all below.

Volume 1 No 1

Volume 1 No 2

Volume 1 No 3