Skateboard Special (UK) Issue No1 1977

Issue No1 - September 1977

Hot News
Know Your Words
You're Telling Us:

  • Lloyd James
  • Adam Peacock
  • Paul Savory
  • Kevin Tanner
  • Simon Price
  • Anthony Bebber
  • Tommy Cook
  • Warrick Jopling
  • Simon Bool
How To Slalom
Personality: Simon Mayle
Round Up
The Man Who Spotted The Skateboard Trend: Derek Morris
Beginners Guide
Reports On: The First National Championships
Colour Camera In Action

"People are saying that skateboarding is the fastest growing sport in Britain today. We know it is! And we think it's time that all you skateboard enthusiasts had your own regular monthly magazine. So here we are with plenty of information, instruction and action pictures".

Skateboard! had already published their first issue in August, so Skateboard Special were not the first. After two issues they flipped to publishing fortnightly.